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About Us

A pioneer in the Health and Fitness Industry, Grand Slam Fitness has been an industry leader for over 30 years. Grand Slam now deals exclusively with Turbuster, True Fitness, TuffStuff, WattBike, Training Wall, Landice, Octane Fitness, Sportsart, Tecnobody and XPT by Grand Slam Fitness. Grand Slam Fitness has been associated with world-class and award-winning brands. Our effort to be the first organized fitness equipment retailer in north India put us ahead of the competition early.

We are currently India's only exporter of outdoor gym equipment. With more satisfied customers and market presence than the next two competitors put together. The Grand Slam brand is synonymous with Quality, Design, Durability, Efficiency, Functionality, Ergonomics, and Aesthetic Superiority.

In 1992, Grand Slam started as a retail outlet in South Delhi with sports, toys, and fitness products. Due to the unavailability of an extensive range of fitness equipment, the only equipment of mass interest were exercise cycles from Indian manufacturers Hero and Atlas; and the only items involved in mass sales were Dumbbells, Plates, and Benches. Realizing the potential of the industry, Grand Slam started retailing treadmills manufactured by ICON (USA). In 1996, it went on to become the first organized Fitness Equipment retailer in North India.

With an increasing range of fitness equipment, the company took an additional space and within 3 years the showroom grew to a massive 4000 sq. ft. of prime retail space. With the reputation of serving and understanding the needs of their valued customers, Grand Slam Fitness cut above the rest as the chosen supplier of fitness equipment. Up until 1998, the company was still buying from Indian importers. But with an import set-up in place, there was no looking back.


  • Commercial Gym Equipment
  • Open Air Gyms
  • Outdoor Gym Equipment
  • Gym Space Layout
  • Company operated Gym Franchise
  • Full Gym Setup
  • Sports and Fitness Education
  • Interior Design Execution
  • Wellness, Spa and Rehab equipment
  • Turnkey Solutions for sports, fitness and wellness facilities