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Turbuster’s Upright U5100 is a great Upright Bike for commercial use. The U5100 is an excellent workout system for beginners and advanced athletes alike. The easy-to-use console comes pre-loaded with 12 workout programs. This keeps user workouts interesting and challenging allowing user to get better results.

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The U5100 comes with advance spring-loaded pull knob seat adjustment with a Screw-Lock safety feature which gives an effective workout experience to the users of all heights. Long contoured handle with quick access buttons enables the user to adjust the resistance to push themselves harder and mimic the movements of riding on the road or stand while pedaling. It also have an accessibility rack to fix books, newspaper, iPad etc.


  • Generator Flywheel Mass: 14 Kg
  • Resistance Adjustment: 16-level, Auto tension control.
  • Programs: 12 Programs
  • Net weight:5 kg
  • Gross weight: 60.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 1040x640x1470 mm
  • User Weight: 150 kg


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Dimensions (Inches)

46.8" L x 22.44" W x 54.33" H

46.7” L x 22.4” W x 54.7" H

43" L x 26" W x 59” H

Resistance Level

16-level, Steel Chrome Plated EMS Generator.

24 resistance levels

20 resistance levels

Heart Rate Monitoring

Grip Pulse Sensor – The built-in sensor monitors the heart rate in real time establishing a safe and effective regimen.

Contact / Wireless Chest Strap

Contact and Telemetry (Polar)

Max Workload / Weight Capacity (Kgs)

150 kg

150 kg

Power Source


120v Plug-in Model

International 240 VAC

Seat Adjustment

It has a height setting of multi-adjustment which can be adjusted to suit the needs of different users.

 Two-way adjustable seat

Adjustable Seat Height 


Turbuster’s Upright U7100 is a great Upright Bike for commercial use. The U7100 doesn’t hold in one single position. It can be used in the same way as an actual bike, user can get off the seat and stand up, and pedal that way, which gives user legs a far more intensive exercise. The body of the Turbuster Upright Bike has a smooth finish that makes it look attractive and it is very sturdy which makes the machine very durable.

The Endurance by Body-Solid B4UB Upright Bike is a comfortable, easy-to-use, cardio bike for home and commercial use.
The B4UB gives users the experience of a road bike in the comforts of a home workout space or fitness facility. Ergonomic handlebars provide a wide range of hand positions for users and offer stability and safety when getting on and off the bike.  Designed for comfort even on long rides, the B4UB’s DuraFirm Seat features custom shaping and extra support. The two-way adjustable seat also guarantees that users of all sizes can find a comfortable, stable fit.

The Impulse RU500 Upright Bike is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a high quality, commercial grade upright bike which will also offer great value for money. This is a bike we have installed in countless gyms and fitness suites around the country and has an excellent track record for withstanding the usage in these sites.

  • Self-Generating Single Window LCD Console reads andmonitors the Speed, Time, Distance, Watt, Pulse, RPM, Recovery and Calories Burned.
  • The 14 kg Flywheel provides a more natural movement that tends to feel better on user body.
  • 12 Preset Programs to select from, to provide user a personalized workout.
  • Electromagnetic Resistance provides consistent tension during the pedal stroke that closely simulates riding an actual bicycle.
  • Grip Pulse Sensor – The built-in sensor monitors the heart rate in real time establishing a safe and effective regimen.
  • Bottle Holder to store user electrolytes during the workout.
  • Seat Design – It has a height setting of multi-adjustment which can be adjusted to suit the needs of different users.
  • Pedal Design – It comes with pedals of adequate size with straps so one need not get scared of losing balance and falling off.
  • In-built Wheels are provided for easy transportation and movement of the bike.
  • Single Touch Start/Stop Buttons let the users start/stop the upright in a single touch.
  • Quick Access Buttons on handle which enable user start/stop the upright and change the resistance accordingly