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Tyre flip machine can add another level to your workout at your gym setup. Tyre flip exercise machine gives quality preparing and reinforcing program giving careful consideration to what sports you play or your level of athletic limit. Right when people about including tyre workout into an exercise program they consistently have the wrong impression that tyre flip is simply used by contenders who fight in the strongman challenges.


  • Tyre flip machine works on numerous stabilizer muscles in the entire body.
  • Great strength and endurance builder.
  • It works the core along with the posterior chain (back, glutes, and hamstrings) of the body.
  • The training on Tyre flip machine combines total body strength, raw power, cardio and agility all in one workout.


Machine Size :-  53″ X 24″

Training Range :- 75 – 125 kgs

Net Weight :-  125 kgs up to 20 kg plates per weight post


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(The Ultimate Tyre flip)”

The Tyre Flip machine is a new way to fitness. This Tyre Flip machine has been around for years and is undeniably a great way to get fit, it combines strength, power, cardio, and agility all in one workout with some extra benefits. You can do Battle Rope as well as T-Bar Row with the same machine. Anything you can do with an actual tyre you can do with this Tyre Flip machine because it is a real tyre!!
Watch the video below and see how it works:-