TURBUSTER Skier GSS-701 - Grand Slam Fitness

GSS-701 Skier uses flywheel resistance and electronic monitoring systems. As well as being durable and well built, the Skier is sophisticated too. The machine is made to last We value practical design: Our Skier is efficiently engineered and will last a lifetime. The Skier can be either mounted on a wall or used with a floor stand.


Power Requirement Two D cell batteries.

Space Recommendations  Wall Mounted

Width at top 20.5 in (52 cm)

Depth     16 in (40.6 cm)

Height    83.5 in (212 cm)

Width at bottom     19 in (48.3 cm)

Mounted on Floor Stand    23.5 in x 50 in x 85 in

Floor stand 16 kg (35 lbs.)

Machine Weight 21 Kgs


Top of the line Performance Monitor.

· Skier provides operating power when the machine is in


· High Strength Drive Cords

· Durable Construction That is Easy to Maintain.

· During your workout, the monitor draws power from

the spinning flywheel to extend battery life.

· Aluminum frame.

· Powder coat finish.

· Partially enclosed Chain/Cord Housing


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