Turbuster Lower Back JR - 9010 - Commercial gym equipment - Grand Slam Fitness

Turbuster Back Extension JR 9010 comes from the Greyhound Series of the commercial range of fitness equipment Back Extension builds stabilizer muscle strength along the spinal column to improve posture and lessen the chance of lower back injuries.

Premium strength equipment from Turbuster, such as this Back Extension, feature intelligent touches and design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience.

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It comes with an advanced and innovative design and uses a proven bio mechanics to offer optimum performance. Using mechanical principle, the overall movement is easy, stable and non-skid. Leg rest cushion surface using HDR foam grip, more stable, safe and comfortable. The designing mode is easier to drift in and out of the equipment for users. Suitable curved back support enhances the comfort of back and Spinal column pressure.


  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 1060 X 1300 X 1520 MM
  • Gross Weight of Product: 204 kg
  • Weight Stack: 100 kg


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•  137 * 40 * 3 inch cold-drawn steel, flat oval tube, novel and unique.
• 4.5 mm diameter high strength flexible imported and high quality nylon rope pulley.
• High density sponge cushion, 1 mm thickness PVC leather fabric.
• Multiple adjustable angle design.
• Main body tube thickness up to 3 mm.
• Belt drive design trajectory following kinematics principle.