TRUE FITNESS SD-1004 AB/BACK - Grand Slam Fitness

The FORCE Series Ab/Back features a conveniently located adjustment disk for quick and easy transition between the lowback extension and abdominal crunch exercises. This compact machine allows users of all sizes to exercise comfortably.



L X W X H : 52.75″ x 47.5″ x 57″ / 134 cm x 121 cm x 145 cm

PRODUCT WEIGHT (including weight stacks)

Standard : 484 lbs / 220kg

Heavy : 564 lbs / 256 kg


• 4-position range of motion adjustment allows users to easily change between abdominal and low back exercises while remaining in the seated position
• Overhead grips and rolling back pad pre-stretch the abdominals during abdominal crunch movement and provide support throughout the entire range of motion on low back extensions
• Integrated lumbar support and large rubber coated foot platform provide support and encourage proper anatomical alignment during exercise


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