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Pull Chair is the widely used outdoor fitness equipment designed especially for enhancing the flexibility of  Developing the strength of upper limbs and the muscles group of shoulder region and back; improving the flexibility, agility and coordination of shoulder joints and elbows. Good for healing aches in joints and the bending and stretching hindrances of joints.



* Equipment made to meet EN16630 specification- European Standard for Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.
* Epoxy coating of at least 100 micron to prevent any damage from weather conditions.
* Thick galvanized main post of 114 mm diameter.
* Thickness of pipes varies between 3.5 mm to 7.5 mm.
* Self lubricating German bearing for maintenance free usage.
* Reinforced foot pedals for extended life.
* J hook system with 18 mm thickness used for grouting for stability and ease of installation.
* Non fading Virgin LLDPE makes all plastic components sun fade resistant.
* All open ends of pipe either sealed in or closed by GI/LLDPE cap for user safety.

Model No.: GSF007


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Model No.: GSF007

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