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Arm Wheel  is the widely used outdoor fitness equipment designed especially for enhancing the flexibility of shoulder joint and building Up the muscles of upper limbs , and enhancing the flexibility and agility of shoulder point. 



* Equipment made to meet EN16630 specification- European Standard for Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.
* Epoxy coating of at least 100 micron to prevent any damage from weather conditions.
* Thick galvanized main post of 114 mm diameter.
* Thickness of pipes varies between 3.5 mm to 7.5 mm.
* Self lubricating German bearing for maintenance free usage.
* Reinforced foot pedals for extended life.
* J hook system with 18 mm thickness used for grouting for stability and ease of installation.
* Non fading Virgin LLDPE makes all plastic components sun fade resistant.
* All open ends of pipe either sealed in or closed by GI/LLDPE cap for user safety.

Model No.: GSF010

Dimensions Of Equipment : 850 X 800 X 1800 mm


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Model No.: GSF010

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