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The Kettler Fitmaster Multi Gym combines great value and fantastic strength training versatility. Not to be fooled by its compact design, it brings you a wide range of exercises to target all your main muscle groups including key stations, the Butterfly, Bench Press and Rowing action with both arms. With a weight stack of 60kg, adjustable in 5kg steps, it allows you the freedom to switch the weight to suit different exercises and needs.

With a focus on delivering ultimate workout efficiency, the Fit master provides you with easy changes from Bench Press to Butterfly without the need to adjust. It also features hand rest foot loops, a biceps curl bar for rope pulley exercises and lower pulley system with leg stretching and rope extension for even more exercise options.

This high quality, durable machine comes equipped with a height adjustable seat and a padded back rest with an adjustable middle part for the rowing motion.

Complete with a stylish design and compact size, the Kettler Fit master Multi Gym is an attractive addition to any home gym, bringing you a total body workout from a single machine.


Compact training station for the training of all muscle groups
Easy to change between butterfly and bench press without any adjustment
Butterfly station, bench pressing and rowing with both arms
Lower pulley system with leg stretching and rope extension for more exercises
Height-adjustable seat
Padded back rest with adjustable middle part for rowing motion
Hand rest foot loops and biceps curl bar for rope pulley exercises
Treads for rope pulley exercises in standing and seated position
Plastic-covered steel ropes with integrated rope lightener
5kg-60kg weight block in 5kg steps
max use weight: 130kg
Dimensions when set up(L x W x h): 170 /109 /200 cm


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