Provide your members with dozens of upper and lower body exercises with the premium FT-900 functional trainer. Constructed with commercial-grade materials and integrated with multiple storage options and features, the FT-900 is ideal option for your member’s functional strength training.



L X W X H : 73″ x 42″ x 92″ / 185 cm x 107 cm x 234 cm

PRODUCT WEIGHT : 1177 lbs / 535 kg


• Vertical adjustment columns rotate 360° to allow unrestricted movement in multiple planes.
• Dual weight stack design allows users to choose different resistance levels or allows for two simultaneous users.
• Pulleys adjust vertically through 65″ (165cm) and 25 clearly marked positions.
• Multi-position chin bar accommodates optional suspension bracket for suspension training.
• Fold-down foot platform assists access to chin bar and retracts into frame when not in use.
• Integrated storage hooks conveniently store wide range of training accessories.
• Left and right side handles for stability during one arm exercises.
• Metal weight stack enclosures include color-coded procedure labels illustrating beginning and ending positions for 18 common exercises.
• QR code linked to online instructional videos featuring TRUE trainers.
• Weight stacks per side: 310 lb (141 kg)
• Resistance profile – 4:1
• Max Resistance at pull points: 77.5 lb (35 kg)
• Resistance increments per side: 3.75 lb (1.7 kg)
• Cable travel: 14’ (427 cm) per handle
• Optional storage tray accommodates kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls.


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