People often call it, “Green Exercise”. It has immense benefits in all aspects like a physical workout, moving & spending time close to nature, mood uplifter and light on the pocket as well.

Outdoor exercise works both physically and mentally. The results of outdoor exercise have always been exceptional and have worked since ages.

This idea isn’t new and has worked as an essential factor in maintaining and restoring one’s health.

Here are the few benefits of getting your sweat on with Mother Nature:

1). Wellbeing of Mind

Outdoor Gym exercise benefits the mental well-being more than the same type of exercise inside. It has been associated with release of feel good hormones.

The mind is known to be more sharpened, well aware and focused comparatively.

2). Replenish the body store of Vitamin D

Every time the sun is shining and hitting the exposed the areas of skin on your body, it produces Vitamin D.

Exercising in the sun not only burns the extra calories but also restores your Vitamin D store.

This acts as a bonus advantage of working outdoor.

3). No Membership fees

The outdoor environment provides a low cost solution for exercise enthusiasts and trainers alike. You don’t need any specific equipment & no membership fee to avail the benefits.

Not only the local people but the trainers can benefit from this. If you wish to save some extra money, this can be a good option.

4). Boosts Immunity

Outdoor Fitness exercise works wonders for your immune system. The higher the percentage of green space in one’s environment, higher is the positive association with health.

The impact of fresh air, grass, trees and the colors of the natural environment are multi fold on the mental and physical well-being.

5).You’ll burn more calories

Performing the same exercise outdoor is better for you than the same activity indoors.

This has been proven scientifically, rood runners burn more calories when running at the same speed than treadmill runners, because of the wind resistance they encounter.


Few research highlights that an average of 30 minutes spent in nature leads to increased physical activity, reduced depression and other lifestyle associated problems.

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