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A new way to fitness with the all new Tyre Flyp! Tyre Flipping has been around for years and is undeniably a great way to get fit, it combines strength, power, cardio and agility all in one workout. “FLIP IT, HIT IT, JUMP ON IT, STEP ON IT”. Anything you can do with an actual tyre you can do with the Tyre Flyp because it is a real tyre!!


  • Machine Size(WXH): 53″ X 24″
  • Training Range: 75-125 kgs
  • Net Wt: 125 kgs
  • Up to 20 kg plates per weight post


  • 180 degree tyre travel.
  • 4 Extra wide Base foot plates for stability.
  • 2 Battle Rope Anchor Points.
  • Weight posts with tethered locking pins inside tyre carriage designed for use with Olympic weight plates to increase training load range above starting base weight.
  • 4 Sound reducing rubber bumpers / sound baffles


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