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Turbuster’s Smith Machine GSS-9030 comes from the Bolt Series of the commercial range of fitness equipment. The Smith Machine GSS-9030 allows pressing and squatting movements from light starting weights to large. With its design, the Bolt Commercial Smith Machine pushes exercisers and athletes to push further in their fitness and strength training journey.

Premium strength equipment from Turbuster’s, such as this Smith Machine, feature intelligent touches and design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience.

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It comes with an advanced and innovative design and uses a proven bio mechanics to offer optimum performance. 11 Built-in safety stops latchet at appropriate intervals allows the weight-bar into place, before and after each lift. The large diameter smith bar responds quickly and is easy to control. Easy access plate holders near the barracks make loading and unloading easy and also create convenient storage space.



         Dimensions (L*W*H) – 2200 X 1730 X 2300 M

         Gross Weight of Product– 230 kg



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