Turbuster Seated Mid Row GSS-9005 comes from the Bolt Series of commercial range of fitness equipment by Turbuster. The Turbuster Seated Mid Row focuses on strengthening the middle back region of the body. The electrostatically applied multilayer powder coating gives it an elegant look as well as protects the equipment from rust and scratches. The high endurance nylon pulleys ensure that you have a smooth and intense workout. Also, the Tubular structure frame around the weight stacks ensures your safety during the workout. The glossy and aesthetic look of the equipment, makes it a must buy product for your facility.

  • Dimensions: 1410X1269X1973 MM
  • Weight Stack: 102 kg


  • Frame – Heavy duty continuous welded, factory assembled frame provides strength and protection from rust or scratches and ensures maximum stability.
  • Design – The electrostatically powder coated finish with rust proof metallic paint for long lasting and durability.
  • Cushioning – The chest support and adjustable seat are made of tough upholstery over 2” high density foam and enhance a better posture to the users.
  • Magnetic SnapLock System – Weight selection made easy with “sure-snap” magnetic pin.
  • Hard Nylon Composite Pulleys – High Endurance plastic covered pulleys ensures a stylish look and longer durability of the equipment and smooth workout for the users.
  • Aircraft Wires adds extra strength and ensures the longer sustainability of the equipment.
  • Foot Support ensures a comfortable and upright position to the users.


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