Turbuster Lat Pull Down JR 9020 - Commercial gym equipment - Grand Slam Fitness

Turbuster Lat Pull  Down comes from the Greyhound Series of commercial range of fitness equipment by Turbuster. The dual station allows you to perform two exercises from a single equipment.The Seated Row focuses on strengthening the middle back region of the body and the Lat Pull tones your upper body muscles.The electrostatic ally applied multiplayer powder coating gives it an elegant look as well as protects the equipment from rust and scratches. The high strength aluminum pulleys ensure that you have a smooth and intense workout. The glossy and aesthetic look of the equipment,makes it a must buy product for your facility.


  • Weight Stack: 100 kg.
  • Machine Size (L*W*H): 1520 X 1430X 1840 mm
  • Net Weight : 251 kg


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