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Turbuster’s Functional Trainer RH-9013 comes from the ‘RHINO’ Series of a commercial range of fitness equipment. It provides a wide range of cross-training exercises. Functional Trainer RH 9013 works upper body as a whole to increase strength and muscle definition. Performing a total upper body workout such as this one will tighten and sculpt the arms.

Premium strength equipment from Turbuster, such as this Functional Trainer, feature intelligent touches and design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience.

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 RH 9013 gives off a style that will grab an attention of any user and will provide them with a fitness experience compared to any other that will leave them to urge for more. RH 9013 includes many exclusive features such as the unique twist and roll pulley handles for effortless, one-handed adjustments through 28 height increments. The detailed instructional placard illustrates the variety of common exercises from beginning to end, making utilization of this machine the oxygen for any user.


  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 1772 X 997 X 2226 MM
  • Weight Stack: Dual 82 kg*2