Turbuster Four Station Multi - Home Gym with Four weight stacks KFHG - 405 - Commercial gym equipment - Grand Slam Fitness

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Turbuster four station multi functional  gym with four weight stacks KFHG – 405  is ultimate choice for all the fitness enthusiasts who aspire to have the perfect body .  Our Commercial gym comes with an advanced 70 Kg Each weight stack .  It has a facility to do different exercise .  Using this machine , you can do Vertical Bench Press,  Glute Kick, Standing Mid Row,Pectoral Crossover,  Lateral Deltoid,  Lat Pull down , Bent over rear delt,Upright Row,  Abdominal Crunch, Leg Curl , Leg Extension and many more exercise  .  This equipment is compact and does not need much space for storage


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