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Turbuster’s 45 Degree Leg Press/ Hack Squat JR 9031 comes from the Greyhound Series of the commercial range of fitness equipment. The JR 9031 dual machine is a complete workout machine for legs, target the muscles of the lower body. With its commercial plate loaded the design, the Greyhound Commercial 45 Degree Leg Press/ Hack Squat pushes exercisers and athletes to push further in their fitness and strength training journey.

Premium strength equipment from Turbuster, such as this 45 Degree Leg Press/ Hack Squat, feature intelligent touches and design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience.

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It comes with an advanced and innovative design that allows the user to switch from 45-degree leg press to hack squat easily. The seat is adjustable for the changeover from one exercises to another, which is very effective to increase a range of exercise. The designing mode is easier to drift in and out of the equipment for users. With Plate Loaded 45-degree angle and variety of positions, Adjustable and changeable seat design for precise body positioning and support, 45 Degree Leg Press/ Hack Squat JR 9031 is eliminating competition from the market.


  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 2120 X 910 X 1530 MM
  • Net Weight of Product: 189 kg
  • Gross Weight of Product: 201 Kg



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