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Turbuster’s professional grade Bolt series 45 Degree Leg Press/ Hack Squat GSS 9031 is at the pinnacle of strength equipment. With every element designed to sculpt a muscle, The GSS 9031 dual machine is a complete workout machine for legs, target the muscles of the lower body. With its commercial plate loaded the design, the Bolt Commercial 45 Degree Leg Press/ Hack Squat Comes with an advance fail-safe safety bar that boosts the confidence of user to push his limits while high strength workout.

Premium strength equipment from Turbuster, such as this 45 Degree Leg Press/ Hack Squat, feature intelligent touches and design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience.

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It comes with an advanced and innovative design that allows the user to switch from 45-degree leg press to hack squat easily. The seat is adjustable for the changeover from one exercises to another, which is very effective to increase a range of exercise. The designing mode is easier to drift in and out of the equipment for users. With Plate Loaded 45-degree angle and variety of positions, Adjustable and changeable seat design for precise body positioning and support, 45 Degree Leg Press/ Hack Squat GSS 9031 is eliminating competition from the market.



         Dimensions (L*W*H)– 2825 X 1035 X 1600 MM

         Gross Weight of Product– 230 Kg


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  •          Enlarged biomechanically angled handles – suited well for different arm length user and are scientifically designed to reduce pressure from the wrist.

             Counter-balanced technology – New Improved Counter-balanced technology reduces the vibrations and jerky movements during reverse motion and provides an efficient and balanced workout.

             Frame  Heavy duty factory welded frame along with a combination of flat oval pipes and rectangular pipes give the equipment an elegant design and provides strength. The aluminium peripheral cap covering protects from wear and tear.

             Design – This equipment has a sleek and classy look that gives a sophisticated and elegant look to the gym.

             Cushioning – Premium quality dual tone with contrast colour seat and back support are made of a highly durable double-stitched leatherette material with High-Density contoured foam cushions.

             Seat Adjustment – The new innovative gas assisted hydraulic seat adjustment system with multi-level of adjustment for easy changeover between exercises.

             Adjustable fail-safe stopper allows the optimal confidence of the exerciser and the facility operator.

             High-Density Foam Grip give a glossy look to the equipment and provides a firm grip to the users during the workout.

             Multiple adjustable angle Design allows users to create verity in exercise.

             Adjustable Shoulder pad allows users of all heights to achieve optimum Workout experience.