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Our Treadmill TR 8000 by Turbuster is the best commercial ranges of AC electrical treadmill. It has a heavy and efficient 5 HP AC motor which requires almost no maintenance and very durable in the long run. It comes with a 6 big LED display which gives the user a clear reading of Speed, Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories Burned, Incline, Body Fat, Fan, MP3, and USB. It has18 preset programs, 4 users, and 2HRC. This feature of heart rate control (HRC) is a great feature in getting an optimum result because effective workouts can be done by monitoring and controlling the heart rate. All the programs are a must in helping to track and plan the workout and enables users to get maximum benefits from the exercises. The in-built feature of Body fat analyzer helps the user to view the fat levels to be reduced and workout sessions can be planned accordingly. The machine can be inclined up to 20% and also declined up to -3% as per the needs of each user. It can hold a maximum of 200kg and it has a running area 65 * 24 inches and a speed range of 1 to 25km per hour. It also has in-built MP3 and USB port. This treadmill also provides High Fidelity Audio with 2 inbuilt speakers to enjoy music. So it is excellent for music lover as they can enjoy music and workout at the same time. It also comes with very advanced 40 multi absorption cushions and uniform elastomer cushions and flexi deck. The best bargain of this treadmill is it comes with lifetime motor warranty. It has a sleek and classy look and gives a sophisticated look to the gym.


  • Adjustable speed: Yes.
  • Cushion system: Multi absorption cushions
  • Deck type: Uniform Elastomer Cushions Flexi Deck
  • Display feedback: Speed, Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories Burned, Incline, Body Fat, MP3, and USB
  • Display type:  6 big LED display.
  • Incline Range: 0 – 20%
  • Decline Range :  3%
  • Maximum user weight: 250 kg
  • Motor power: 5 HP AC Continuous
  • Motor Type: AC motor
  • On –the- fly program change: 18 preset programs (+4 User Controlled) and (+2HRC)
  • One-button start: Yes
  • Running Area: 66 * 23.5 inches
  • Speed range: 0.8 – 25 Km/h
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Motor
  • Workouts: Quick Start, Manual, Cardio, Fat Burn, Fit Test and Customized cool down


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