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The TuffStuff Proformance Plus Abdominal / Back (PPD-805) is a versatile, 2-in-1 machine for training your entire core.  The term “core” has become a trendy way to refer mostly to abdominal training in recent years, when in reality the core, or midsection, is the entire center of the body, including both the abdominal and lower back musculature.  Without a strong core, front and back, all efforts at building strength and power are futile.  The core transfers power between the upper body and lower body.  If this link in the chain is weak, then proper power transfer cannot occur.

The Proformance Plus Abdominal / Back is a great core strengthening machine.  With an adjustable pivot arm and foot support, the PPD-805 allows multiple starting positions and supports proper positioning during both ab and back exercises.


  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • Counter-balanced pivot arm with multiple start positions.
  • Adjustable back and chest roller pad for proper body alignment.
  • Foot support with built-in foot roll to accommodate different leg lengths.
  • 220 lbs. steel weight stack with patented add-on weight system
  • Weight stack safety shields full length and dual-sided
  • High strength Mectral steel reinforced Kevlar® belt
  • (6) primary frame colors, and (16) different upholstery colors available
  • Custom finishes, upholstery, and embroidered wear covers available
  • Optional 295 lbs. weight stack available
  • Shipped assembled for easier installation and set up


TuffStuff’s Proformance Plus Abdominal / Back (PPD-805) machine is full commercial-quality, an ideal option for outfitting any professional weight room, recreation center, apartment complex or home gym.  Design features include a counter-balanced pivot arm with multiple start positions, and unique hydraulic assist foot support with easy access adjustment handle to accommodate various leg lengths.


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