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LEG PRESS: Developing the strength of lower limbs and improving the stability and agility of the three main joints of lower limbs. Good for the healing of muscles atrophy of lower limbs, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica sprain of the anklebone etc. Without the inconvenience of bending and stretching the lower limbs.

EXERCISING BAR: Developing uper limbs , shoulder and chest strength and improving the cardio-pulmonary function.


  • Equipment made to meet EN 16630 specifications European Standard for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.
  • Epoxy coating of paint to prevent any damage from extreme weather conditions.
  • Thick galvanized main post of 114 mm diameter.
  • All pipes are of 2.5 mm thickness.
  • Self lubricating bearings for maintenance free usage.
  • Nylon foot pedals for extended life.
  • J hook system used for grouting for higher stability and ease of installation.
  • Non fading Virgin LLDPE makes all plastic components sun fade resistant.