Treadmill 7000

Motor                                     : 3.0 HP AC Cont 6.0 HP AC PEAK                                                             
Speed                                     : 1.0-18 (km/h) WITH 5 SEGMENT SELECT FUNCTION                                                    
Running surface                     : 1550*600mm / 61*24 INCHES                                                             
Incline                                     :0-18% (AUTOMATIC) WITH 5 SEGMENT SELECT FUNCTION                                      
User Weight                           : 145 kgs                                          
Display                                  : 4 LED display with complex signal display function & 1 large lattice window                        
Functions: Speed, Time, Distance, Calorie,Heart Rate,                                                   
 CD,MP3 Audio frequency Input/Output function                                                            
with High power and fidelity Hi-Fi system stereo sound                                                
Additional Features        : Multilayer shock absorption device      
                                                Large safety PU handles
                                                Protection function for over current & short circuit.        
                                                Auto refueling system & Engine belt auto tension system            
Warranty                             : LIFE TIME WARRANTY ON MOTOR                        
                                                1 YEAR COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY

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