Sports Art S7100

S7100 features an easy-to-use dot matrix display
featuring professionally designed programs.
This visually stimulating display features
CardioAdvisorTM and multiple feedback options.
K e y features
Dot matrix display with multiple program options
Horizontal and vertical handrails accommodate a
variety of hand positions
Self-leveling non-skid foot pedals
Cordless, self-powered design
Silent, automotive grade poly-v belt drive system
is exceptionally smooth and requires less
maintenance than many other drive systems
P ro g rams Ad vanced F eatures
Random (x10,000) Horizontal and vertical handrails
Cardio HRC Self-leveling non-skid foot plates
Weight Loss HRC P erformance F eatures
Hill (x3) Silent poly-v belt drive
Interval (x3) 25-160 steps per minute speed range
Manual Cordless, self powered design
Quick Start 14” step range
F eedback 28 levels of resistance
Distance ma x user wei g ht
Time 500 lbs.
Total steps Wei g ht
Calories per hour 208 lbs.
METS dimensions ( l xwx h )
WATTS 54” x 30” x 70”
Resistance Level residential Warrant y
Steps per minute Lifetime frame
Heart rate Lifetime mechanical parts
Displa y 7 years electronics
Dot matrix with LEDs 1 year labor
Numeric keypad COMME R C I A L warrant y
H eart rate monitorin g Use profile: high-use facilities 24/7
CardioAdvisorTM Lifetime frame
Telemetry Heart Rate, HRC 5 years parts
Contact Heart Rate 1 year labor
S7100 Climber

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